The Kolobe Adventures African Hunt Safari outfit is based at Kingston Game Ranch, some thirty kilometer west of Kimberley, and has been operating as an African Hunt Safari destination since 1994.

Kolobe Adventures African Hunt Safari's and the Kingston Game Ranch are famous for the rocky outcrop called Halfkop, which means "half head", the name obviously derived from the fact that part of it was excavated earlier for road fill purposes.  It is unique because it marks the center coordinates for South Africa on an East - West line.

There is also several beautiful hand dressed stone structures such as dams, stores, troughs and "kraals" on the farm, which have been built by Italian prisoners of war during the second world war.

We have discovered several indigenous Khoi-San rock engravings on the property and have picked up some interesting stone age tools.

We are based in the Northern Cape, 30 km west of Kimberley, the capital of the province. Kingston is the ideal hunting destination and weekend getaway. The farm's size is 7000ha, and has a variety of plains game for hunters and photographers. We are situated where the Karroo ends and the Kalahari begins, and the property has a very diverse terrain, from open grass plains, thorn thickets, shrub veldt, and occasional rocky outcrops.

The climate in the area ranges from very hot summers (November - February), to cold very cold winters (May - July). In summer our temperatures ranges form 18 Co minimum to 40Co maximum. Our summer evenings are very pleasant, with very hot days, and are often accompanied by thunderstorms in the late afternoon. In winter we have very cold nights, often below freezing, that is accompanied by early morning frost, but warms up to a mild and often pleasant day - 18 - 23 Co.  We are in a Malaria free area, so no medication necessary.

During your stay, your host will be Doug and Lara Cox. Doug has lived in the area all his live, and has been manager of the property since 1993, and started Kolobe Adventures in 2005. Lara will look after all your accommodation needs, and will serve you a variety of truly South African dishes and game/venison dishes.

Our main clientele are hunters, but we also cater for nature lovers that want a weekend getaway, small functions and birthday parties.