The Trophy Hunter's packages are inclusive of the field preparation and dressing of trophies, which includes the initial work of boiling of skulls, caping and salting the skins, and the subsequent storage thereof.  This work is done by our well trained personnel.  Our storage facility is set up in accordance with Provincial Nature Conservation requirements for temperature, humidity and varmint control.

We do not have a preferred service provider, but facilitate the necessary arrangements with your appointed taxidermist in South Africa.  The responsibility for trophies passes to the taxidermist upon receipt.

Trophies that are destined for overseas taxidermists must be processed by a local taxidermist, who would also then take on the responsibility for the arrangement of shipping and export permits.

There is a fee due for the transport of trophies to the local taxidermist, which includes insurance for your peace of mind.  Any further taxidermy fees are for the hunter's own account.